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Do you want more rights... ?

... and what language do you speak?

Censorship in Estonia?
We do not suffer from it!
We just write only about how to prepare pickles!

Can we record an interview with a microphone?

No way! I will be fired!

Who wants to stay in Estonia ...
... say "ME!!!"

... I cannot hear you...

Who wants to leave Estonia ...

... rise your hand!

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Will it cure or will it kill?

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Die from hunger or get poisoned?

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To quench your thirst or get an allergy?

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Doctor, please help me

I do nooooot understand yoooou!

Do you have instruction manual in Russian?


Did you forget in which country you live?

Producer are you aware of the fact that 30 percent of the population of Estonia speak Russian?

Viking PumpLess than 10 percent of companies that offer its products or services in Estonia supply it with Russian translation.

Why 30 percent of the population of Estonia is ignored by the producers?

Medications, food as well as other essential goods do not have translation in Russian and remain a mystery for Russian speaker consumers in Estonia.

How to check that you do not get strong allergic reaction on innocuous cough syrup produced in Germany?

Cookies or a drink produced in Poland might consist such ingredients which you should not consume.

Unfortunately, as a consumer you have no choice and no one even think about you.

It is time to change the rules since there are 30 percent of us and we speak Russian. We do not understand instruction manual in English, Polish, Swedish or Estonian. We want to receive information in Russian because we pay our money for your products!

Producer, if you offer your products in Estonia please remember that 30 percent of the population of the country speaks Russian!

Show respect to those who buy your products – speak with us in Russian!

Translate in Russian or not?

YES – If you offer your product or service in Estonia please provide it with Russian translation. Such important information as ingredients or how to correctly use your product must be available to 30 percent of the population of Estonia.

NO – If you do not offer your product or service in Estonia but would like to enter this market, please do not forget to include the Russian translation for your product or service in your marketing strategy. In this case your product or service will have better success since you will be able to offer it additionally to more than 300,000 people.

If you have received a recommendation from us to provide your product or service with Russian translation then you have 6 months to correct the situation.

Name of your company and information about it will be posted in “Under review!“.

Six months later, based on your steps, we either will thank you and move your company to “Well done!” or will place it in “Shame!” and will give you the chance to participate for the title of Russophobe of the year.

Unfortunately, laws of Estonia do not require that producers and service providers supply Russian translation with their products or services for Russian speakers of Estonia. Referring to the fact that you are doing everything to the law is foolish and shows your disrespect to your client.

Do we really need a law in order to show respect to each other?

Accurate and correct translation it is not only the sign of respect of language and culture of a nation but also positive effect for your reputation.

For professional translation you can contact Estonian Association of Translators and Interpreters which can suggest a qualified translator from more than 20 different languages.

If you do not wish to translate information about your product or service in Russian it will remain on your conscience.

From our side we will do certain steps to inform as many people as possible about your disrespect towards Russian speakers of Estonia. List of shame will be updated accordingly and every year we will be selecting Russophobe of the year.

Information in mass media, social networks as well as press releases in multiple languages will ensure that your suppliers and business partners hear about your attitude. Will they want to work with you after that? Will you be able to export your products to other Russian speaking countries?

Not only Estonians live in Estonia. Ethnic composition of Estonia:


Important news about Russian speakers of Estonia:

President, Government and Language Inspectorate scored “Russophobe of the year” title in Estonia for 2016

President of Estonia Government of Estonia Estonian Language Inspectorate Based on the results of the poll, which was organized by “We Speak Russian” (MGPR.EU) project, the [...]

In case of a war with Russia, the Estonian Ministry of Defense will communicate with Russian speaking recruits in Estonian

Never, for its latest 25 years of history, Estonia has trained its reservists in such quantities and so frequently as for the last years. The Ministry of Defense thinks that, exercises and military drills are [...]

Council of Europe thanks “We speak Russian” project for the information regarding the proportion of Russian speakers in Estonian ministries

The latest recommendations of the Council of Europe for Estonia, in regard of protection of national minorities, that was published on 19th of March 2015, points out, with a regret, on the lack of data [...]

Proportion of Russian speakers in Estonian ministries is at the lowest level in three years

The data, that was collected by “We speak Russian” (MGPR.EU) project shows, that the proportion of Russian speaking employees in Estonian ministries is just 2.9 percent from the total amount of employees at those ministries. [...]

Just 7 percent of members of electoral college for electing president of Estonia are Russian speakers

During the presidential elections, which will take place in Estonia on 24th of September 2016, Russian speakers will be represented by just 7 percent in the electoral college. Moreover, out of 22 possible members of [...]

Estonian universities have only 13 percent of Russian speaking first year students

According to the data, collected by “We speak Russian” project (MGPR.EU) for 2016-2017 study year, the proportion of Russian speaking first year students at Estonian universities is just 13 percent. The smallest proportion of Russian [...]

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… we consider it sensible to provide the information in Russian too.
Dr. Bernd Roessler, August Storck KG
… we want that, our buyers receive information about the sweets, which they enjoy so much, on their native language.
Anne Tjaekre, Kalev AS
We think that it is important to use information in Russian …
Enel Kolk, Balbiino
… providing some of our products, which are sold on the local market, with the description and information about ingredients, including in Russian – is the gesture of respect and friendship
Rut Kallaspoolik, Maag Piimatööstus (Farmi)

Thank you Elion for speaking Russian!

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